Can what I've already experience be related to a sexual assault?
Was it really an assault?
« My boss supported me by grabbing my butt when I was searching something on a shelf. It made me feel awkward and i didn't know what to do about it. Is it considered like a sexual assault? »
Témiscamingue —

— Mary


— Yes. It is an invading gesture of your body that happens without your consent. That's why it's a sexual assault.

« When I was a child, my cousin obligated me to masturbate her. I didn't understand what she was asking me but I did it anyway because afterwards she would tell me that I was the kindest. Is it really an assault, because she never touched me? »
Témiscamingue —

— Josée


— Yes. It is a sexual assault because as a child, you don't have the capacity to give your consent. Your cousin emotionally manipulated you to take power over you to obtain sexual favors.

« He sends me texts with naked pictures of him, I really feel awkward and I don't know what to tell him. Is it considered as a sexual assault? »
Témiscamingue —

— Mégan


— Yes. It's a kind of exhibitionism and it leaves marks to the person that receives them. It's made without your willingness, so without your consent.

« It was just my uncle that was kissing the children on the mouth when he was drunk. I didn't like it but it's not an assault. »
Témiscamingue —

— Rébecca


— Yes. It's a sexual assault because it's an adult in authority taking advantage of a child by imposing sexual gestures.

« I'm in a relationship with the same man for a long time now. He often obligates me to sleep with him. When I refuse, he sulks me, then he gets angry until I break under threat or blackmail. Since I'm in a relationship, is it a sexual assault? »
Témiscamingue —

— Carine


— Yes. If you don't freely give your consent or when you desire it, it's a sexual assault. No one can ask another person to have sex with him or her, without the other person's consent. Not even the boyfriend.

« Since a few weeks now, when I go to school, there's a bunch of guys who make sexual jokes about my sexual orientation and have a coarse language towards me. The other day, one of them pushed me into a locker and stuck himself on me. I felt his erection, I was very scared. Do I consider these events as sexual assaults? »
Témiscamingue —

— Dan


— Yes, it's sexual harassment. This type of aggression undermines the dignity but also the physical and psychological integrity. It is a form of intimidation and abuse of power that involves repetitive violence.

The evidence presented in this section are fictitious, but real.

Sometimes, I feel like it doesn't matter because:

There wasn't any penetration.
There weren't any violent gestures or threats.
At the beginning, I gave my consent.
I was drunk.
I had feelings for that person.
Témiscamingue —
The consent is the voluntary agreement of the person.
It is valid only if it is given freely.

— If someone touches you without your consent in places like you breast, you thighs, your bottom, your penis, your vulva and your anus, it's a sexual assault.

— If someone masturbates you, does fellatio, oral sex or asks you to do it to them or to someone else, without your consent, it's a sexual assault.

— If someone forces you to make or watch pornographic material without your consent, it's a sexual assault.

— If you repeatedly receive insistent looks, sexually connoted words or gestures that make you uncomfortable, it's a sexual assault.

— If it happened when you were a child, a child cannot consent to a sexual act.

— ...