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    Talk, it feels good!
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Talk, it feels good!

« I already lived a sexual assault. »

« I'm asking myself a lot of questions and I would like some answers. »

« I don't necessarily want to denounce the person who assaulted me but I want to understand what I've been through. »

« I often feel sad, ashamed and guilty. »

« I feel lost, I don't know what's happening to me. »

« I had or still have problems of addiction to alcohol, drugs or sex. »

« I'm not very attracted to everything that approach's sexuality. »

« I find it difficult to build a sound relationship with somebody else: I dominate or I let the other person dominate me. »

« I have several physical pains that I cannot explain. »

Témiscamingue — www.aideagressionsexuelle.com
Definition of a lutus blossom:

Aqatic plant where the roots are fixed in the mud.

For those reasons or any others that are yours, talk might do you good.

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